RE: suggested GEMPAK 5.9.3 NAM pqact entry issue


My gribkey.tbl is correct and all other models are being decoded
correctly.  I get the 212 and 215 grids if I use the entry that decodes
all the NAM grids, the only difference between that one and the
individual ones for 212 and 215 being the pattern.

This is weird.


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Have you made sure that the paths listed in $GEMTBL/grid/gribkey.tbl
exist? The distributed gribkey.tbl file lists a directory of
"data/gempak/model/" for most products (the "data" directory should
exist in /home). This was a problem I encountered once. Files were being

generated, but they ended up not where I expected. The same applies to
the log file directory. Also, be sure that you created a decoders
directory with the "dc" programs (another mistake I once made).

I assume you've already checked for missing tabs in the pqact entries.
Otherwise, you should be getting the files (I'm running version 5.9.2,
but otherwise with the same entries...getting the files
written fine.


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