nmap2 and Compiling GEMPAK with ifort

Matt and other Gembuds,

I've compiled GEMPAK with ifort and icc and ifort and gcc (using Kevin
Tyle's compilation flags and GEMPAK 5.9.2) and can get most programs
to work well.  However, there are still issues with nmap2 (which works
flawlessly when compiled with g77 and gcc).

My issue: I can select gridded data and select a time and fields to plot, but
 when the window shows up to select forecast hours and the number of
 frames there are none to select.  Again, this works great when
 compiled g77/gcc.

Anyone else have this trouble with ifort?  Anyone not have this
trouble with ifort?


David Ovens              e-mail: ovens@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Research Meteorologist    phone: (206) 685-8108
Dept of Atm. Sciences      plan: Real-time MM5 forecasting for the
Box 351640                        Pacific Northwest
University of Washington          http://www.atmos.washington.edu/mm5rt
Seattle, WA  98195               Weather Graphics and Loops

On Tue, May 09, 2006 at 06:16:56PM -0600, Kevin R. Tyle wrote:
For those who are interested, attached is a tar file of the (few) changes in the config files I needed to make to compile GEMPAK.

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