20060323: Radar Level II question


NCDC has compressed the individual files within the tarfile
(each file has a .Z extension).

You have to use the uncompress command on the file. At that point, the
first 9 bytes should be "ARCHIVE2.", eg:
%od -c KOKX_20011230_0959 | head -1
0000000   A   R   C   H   I   V   E   2   .   3   8   4  \0  \0   ,   :

With your file naming as shown below, gpnexr2 will be able to obtain the
site id from the file name which is required in pre build 5.0 files
that lacked the station ID or location within the data.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User SUpport

On Thu, 2006-03-23 at 09:49, David Novak wrote:
Thanks Steve and all,

One other question...I recently downloaded Nexrad Level II radar data for a Dec 2000 case from the NCDC HADS website:

The data in 2000 is apparently in a different format than more recent data, since a more on the data files shows different text at the top. Consequently, I get the following error upon trying to plot using gpnexr2:

Enter <cr> to accept parameters or type EXIT:    : No such file or directory
wsr88d_to_radar: No valid site ID info found.
 [IM -3]  Image file
/usr1/data/dnovak/radar/001230/OKX/KOKX_20001230_0959 not a supported format
 [IM -8]  Could not open LUT file ...
 [GEMPLT -15]  NIPROJ - Invalid projection specified.
 [GG -7]  No map drawn.
 [GEMPLT -15]  NIPROJ - Invalid projection specified.
 [GG -13]  Error drawing lat/lon grid.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a workaround?

P.S. The data file was too large to post...

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