Re: replacement(s) for Peter Neilley's weather program?


Last year, I embarked on an attempt to take some code from nwx
and rewrite it to work from the command line a la Peter Neilley's
weather program.  I figured that this would allow me to make use
of gempak tables (and updates) and utilize the nwx entries in
pqact, as well. Plus, it would have the advantage of not having to keep two copies of the text data (one for weather and one for nwx). Not being a C programmer (I bought "Teach Yourself C in 21 Days" several years ago, but haven't found the 21 days, yet) I made some progress and actually had something working, in part. Then I ran out of time to work on it and have now forgotten what I was doing and can't seem to make it work again.

Anyway, for someone who is a better C programmer than I am, I think
this might be a fairly easy route to take -- at least as far as
displaying text products "as is."  Adding metar, synop and uair
decoding and gridded data function would certainly be more work.


On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 11:58, Neil R. Smith wrote:
Hi all,
We are looking to reduce our dependence on Peter Neilley's weather
program, perhaps eliminating it altogether. We would like to replace it
with software that is currently supported and expected to be supported
in the future, has equivalent or similar functions, is scriptable, etc.

Has anyone found replacement functionality in gempak or other software?
If gempak, did you have to write your own separate gempak scripts per
weather program function?
Clinton M. Rowe
Associate Professor
Meteorology/Climatology Program                  phone:(402)472-1946
Department of Geosciences                          fax:(402)472-4917
University of Nebraska-Lincoln                        crowe1@xxxxxxx

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