20060112: size limits in GEMPLT GF driver?


The GF driver uses the X display as the canvas (whereas the GIF device
doesn't), so the X server is a limitation, though you can create
displays much larger than the physical screen size. For example, I can
create a 9000x7000 pixel gif for roaming around in using the GF on my
server, even though the screen is 1600x1200. What size are you trying to
create? Depending on the size of image you are trying to create, you can
create a virtual display of a specific size using the xvfb program, and
draw to that, or try the GIF.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Thu, 2006-01-12 at 09:53, George Huffman wrote:
Hi all - I seem to have bumped up against a size limit in the GEMPLT GF driver, which is maybe the physical size of my console. Is there a straightforward way to get around this?

The job at hand is to create fine-scale global base maps for use in other applications; I really want to end up with a raw file of unsigned bytes of value 0 or 1, so another driver would be fine as long as I can manipulate its output into a raw byte field on Unix (SGI), Mac, or PC. [Or is there a raw byte field driver?]

My apologies in advance if this is an old topic - just point me to the relevant thread.


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