Re: Setting up Gempak

Thanks for the help,

I've sourced Gemenviron and ran the gen_pqact.csh script.  Now according
to the Unidata site I should append the output file pqact.gempak to the
pqact.conf file, however I can't find the pqact.conf file.


On Sun, 2006-01-01 at 18:58 -0200, Guilherme O. Chagas wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> If you've issued the command 'source Gemenviron' inside the NAWIPS directory, 
> and
> nothing has appeared on your screen, then everything should be ok. Use the 
> command 'env'
> to check if the environmental variables are all there (you should see many 
> lines
> referring to gempak directories now). If not, check if you're really using 
> csh. You
> should add 'source ~/NAWIPS/Gemenviron' to your .login or .cshrc later.
> This is the right group for gempak issues, feel free to ask!
> ___________________________
>         Guilherme O. Chagas
>                 goc@xxxxxxx

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