NMAP2: "Looping through 'Loops'"

Hi Steve et al.

We are using NMAP2 to show auto-updated satellite and radar data in a
kiosk in a public hallway (viewable by faculty and students both in our
department and by passers-by) in a preprogrammed loop that shows either
radar reflectivity & sfc station loops, or satellite data & sfc station
loops...  but not both (we keep the console and mouse locked away for
security so the user cannot click between them).  For example, it
doesn't show one radar loop followed by one satellite loop and back to
radar, then satellite, and so on...  NMAP2 has the ability to load and
save multiple loops (which can be selected under the "data" menu, but I
can't see how to play them in "loop" style).

Is there something in NMAP2 that does this ,or is that something for the
"next version's wish list."

Cheers and Thanks
Bill Capehart

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