problems with garp model vertical cross sections is 5.8.3a


Although I can get the Unidata Linux binaries to work on 2 machines in
our department, I have been unable to build a Linux, OSF1, or Solaris
version of Garp from the distributed code (plus a patch from Steve)
that successfully plots model vertical cross sections.  Is there
anyone out there who has succeeded where I have failed?  If so, did
you have to patch the code?  I'd be very interested in finding out how
to do this since we do not have enough Linux boxes in-house for our
student lab that will run the Unidata binaries.  Their assignment
using this feature is due this Friday, so I really need a solution

Thanks for any help or info.

David Ovens              e-mail: ovens@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Research Meteorologist    phone: (206) 685-8108
Dept of Atm. Sciences      plan: Real-time MM5 forecasting for the
Box 351640                        Pacific Northwest
University of Washington
Seattle, WA  98195               Weather Graphics and Loops

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