I have been using gpmap to generate gif images of radar and satellite
data.  Since installing Gempak 5.8.3a, I have started getting this error
when my scripts run:

GEMPAK-GPMAP>Error in message send =3D 22
itype, ichan, nwords,0,32768,3
[GEMPLT -101]  NOPROC - Nonexistent executable.
[GPEND -3]  Fatal error initializing GEMPLT.

I checked the message archive and noted chiz's suggestions to kill any
hung processes and delete the message queues by using cleanup -c.
Unfortunately, this didn't fix my problem.

In addition to the above, my scripts could not find the gpmap program in
the usual location of /home/gempak/GEMPAK5.8.3a/bin/linux.  So I copied
gpmap over from GEMPAK5.7.2p2 to the location above.  Not sure if this
is normal or not.  Anyway... the script made it to the errors above
before bombing.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Bruce Haynie                    Bruce.Haynie@xxxxxxx
Research Associate              Phn: 806-885-4644 x224
West Texas MesoNet              Fax: 806-885-4468
Wind Science and Engineering
Texas Tech University

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