Re: computer lockup

I'd strongly look to an upgrade. Unidata (Tom) and I have seen some marked improvements in running Fedora Core 3. The only problem I've got there resides in printing (CUPS) management.

The combination of later 2.6.x kernels and LDM 6.3.0 has been an excellent pair.


David Ovens wrote:

I've seen similar lockups on an HP dual-Xeon running Fedora 9.  The
machine is running LDM on a pared-down version of the CONDUIT data,
but is not generating graphics using GEMPAK from any of those LDM
processes.  GEMPAK is installed and used separately, and I have never
considered it to be part of the problem (though I could be wrong).  I
see the same behavior with crons not running and the machine locking
up.  This occurs maybe once every one or two months and seems to be
preceded by the machine responding really slowly.  Personally, I have
felt that it is a kernel bug somewhere, but no kernel upgrades have
ever fixed it, I am now running 2.4.20-37.9.

I too would love to hear any solutions.


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