computer lockup

Hello All,
I'm running a Dell Xeon processor with RedHat enterprise linux v. 3
installed. This system is used only for retriving data from ldm (6.1.0),
creating images with gempak (5.7.3) and displaying these images over the
web via apache. (also 1 java script).  Recently, the computer has been
locking up.  The symptoms are simply the computer becomes unreachable.
Even locally, if I go to the computer, it does not respond.  I am forced
then to cycle the power in order to get the system to once again respond.
Checking the system log files hasn't shown anything (at least to me)
except that when this lockup occurs, the cron does not run (usually).  If
anyone has any ideas as to what may be occuring it would be GREATLY

--Gabe Langbauer

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