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Could you help with a GEMPAK question? I wish to repeat a calculation I
made some time ago with GDPLOT. Using exactly the same code, I now get the
following diagnostic: internal grid list is full; simplify function.
I tried to simplify the function and still get the same diagnostic.

Is there a way of assigning more space to GDPLOT or any other routine such
that I can use complicated functions under the GFUNC command?

John Clark


The $GEMPAKHOME/include/gemprm.$NA_OS file deines LLMDGG at build time as the 
maximum amount of memory used by calculations. If you increase this number, you 
will need to remove the previously built library routines in $GEMLIB and 
rebuild from scratch with:
make clean
make install
make clean

You can also use GDDIAG to compute terms of your equation and write the output 
to a grid file for later use.

Since your were previously able to run your calculation, I wonder if a gplt process has gotten hung 
up on your system and is eating up some of that memory. Occasionally if a program hans, or gpend is 
run folling a session, the gplt process will still be running and soaking up lots of memory. You 
can check the process status table (/bin/ps) for lone gplt or xw, gf, and other device drivers that 
may have been orphaned. If you find a runaway process, you can kill it.  Also check the 
"ipcs" command to see if you have any left over message queues and if so you can remove 
them with the "ipcrm" command.

The only other thing that comes to mind right now is if the equation is long, 
and approaching the 72 character line limit, then sometimes you can squeze it 
all in by typing the function like:
instead of
gfunc  =  mul(.... etc)
ocasionally, when copying and pasting from the gempak menu, the spaces can use 
up room that previously had been available.

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

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