Re: NEXRAD Level II files

Just to clarify: by "5.7.4sp", Mike is referring to a locally-enhanced version of GEMPAK 5.7.4, which contains some speed improvements we are evaluating. This should not be relevant with regards to
Mike's query.


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Mike Augustyniak wrote:

Hi All,

I am having problems displaying NEXRAD Level II images using the GPNEXR2
program.  I am running GEMPAK version 5.74sp, and the image files have
been downloaded from NCDC's HDSS system.

Here's the problem.  I *AM* able to successfully display images from
archive files created in 2004 and 2005.  However, when I try to create
plots using data from cases in 2002 and 2003, I receive an error message.
Upon "Executing" in GPNEXR2, after the XWindow opens, and after I hit
<ENTER> to accept the given parameters, the following error message
appears: "Can't read station ID from file, %SITE% not found in template".
This occurs with literally hundreds of individual scan times, from data
sets that span nearly 2 years.

The parameters have all been saved to a "restore" file, which was created
after successfully making plots from the '04 and '05 radar data.

Does anyone know what's going on here?  I'm wondering if the archive
format and/or header information has been redesigned in the past few years
for Level II data, and if so, if the old version is somehow incompatible
with GPNEXR2.  Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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