reading bufr file from North American Regional Reanalysis

  • Subject: reading bufr file from North American Regional Reanalysis
  • From: "John D. Horel" <jhorel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 15:39:30 -0700

This is a tad specialized, but perhaps there is someone who has already dealt with the problem. We are attempting to read bufr files generated from the North American Regional reanalysis (NARR) and get them into gempak format.

I can read bufr files from the NAM(Eta) using namsnd.

However, when I attempt to read similar bufr files from the NARR, I've been getting a succession of errors to work through related to differences in the packing file and slight differences in the bufr files. The only difference according to the bufr_table.dump files are:

1) STNM is 17 bits in the NARR and 20 bits in the NAM

2) NAM  has an extra variable in the HEADR: 64 bit RPID

3) NARR does not have the IMXR variable in the sounding data

4) Plus a bunch of differences in the surface grids that I can defer for now.

If I hack a bit on the packing file, I can get a gempak file to be created, but then get an error message related to a wrong latitude, which is suspicious since then CLAT variable follows immediately after the STNM, RPID combo. Various attempts gets me to an invalid dimension size error as well.

Does this info elicit any ideas as to what may be haywire? I can provide more details if someone is interested.



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