Creating overlay for a *gif map

Does anyone know how to create an overlay for a *gif map generated in crontab?  
I have two datasets, one being METAR, and the other being a local mesonet of 
surface data, that I would like to appear together on the same map - but not in 
an interactive session.  I have a cron job generating them.  In an interactive 
Gempak session I would run sfmap twice, without clearing, changing the SFFILE 
and Title location, but I also need to worry about the device.  I have the 
virtual frame buffer working, and for a single layer I just have device=3Dgf | 
directory/outputfile | resolution    But that command creates the *gif file, 
and I need to run sfmap again before creating the *.gif file.  Is there some 
other device to use to run sfmap a second time before sending the output to the 
*.gif file??

Thanks for the help.

Nancy J. Selover
Asst. State Climatologist
Office of Climatology tel: 480-965-0580
Arizona State University fax: 480-965-1473
Tempe, AZ 85287-1508 e-mail: selover@xxxxxxx

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