RE: Creating overlay for a *gif map

Creating overlay for a *gif mapNancy,

I have many scripts (cshell) running from cron doing this.  What I do is
before the gempak program(s) runs in the script, name the image:

set tmpgif=basic_stplot.gif.tmp
set finalgif=/path/to/gif/directory/basic_stplot.gif

then gempak runs whatever program with


run whatever gempak programs you need using the same device name and setting
CLEAR=NO.  Then at the end of your gempak programs, put:

if ( -e $tmpgif ) then
   mv $tmpgif $finalgif

I would imagine that you don't even have to go through all this, you can
just run sfmap over and over using the same DEVICE for each gempak program
and setting CLEAR=NO.   I don't believe the *.gif is actually "created"
until you run GPEND, at least that's the way it is running interactively
using the device=gif setting.

I have many gempak scripts as I said, and can send you an example of a full
script if you would like.


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Does anyone know how to create an overlay for a *gif map generated
in crontab?  I have two datasets, one being METAR, and the other being a
local mesonet of surface data, that I would like to appear together on the
same map - but not in an interactive session.  I have a cron job generating
them.  In an interactive Gempak session I would run sfmap twice, without
clearing, changing the SFFILE and Title location, but I also need to worry
about the device.  I have the virtual frame buffer working, and for a single
layer I just have device=gf | directory/outputfile | resolution    But that
command creates the *gif file, and I need to run sfmap again before creating
the *.gif file.  Is there some other device to use to run sfmap a second
time before sending the output to the *.gif file??

Thanks for the help.

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