Re: supported OS's for Gempak

OK.  WDSS-II isn't "supported" for FC2/3 but it DOES runn on FC2, as that's 
what is on this laptop.  As soon as I can get a new authorization file from Lak, that is. 
 It's run before, with no problems.

The mouse cursor blinking is likely an x-windows thing.  FC2/3 have gone to 
xorg from xfree, and the motif-ish programs are openmotif vs lesstif. These 
changes sound like the same set of problem generators.

I suspect it'll take a few months for these issues to get resolved...

I suspect your specific Garp reset problem is in the default config...


Robert Dewey wrote:
The problems are mainly in GARP... One of the crashes occurs when your doing a loop of SAT/NEXRAD over model data (or some other overlay), and then hit "clear" (as Robert M. said). Another problem I seem to have (not sure whether its FC 2, or something in GEMPAK), is whenever I first open GARP, I have to re-configure the METAR data, because it's set to WSYM, and nothing else (no barbs, etc.). Also, when I do a loop, my mouse cursor blinks rather quickly, and gets very annoying -- I just re-installed RH 9.0 back on my display workstation and none of these problems seem to exist, so I automatically associated them with FC 2 (haven't tried FC 1 or 3). Also, WDSS 2 (NSSL app) has no support under Fedora, which also dictated my switch back over the RH 9.0. For the sake of simplicity, my LDM machine will remain under FC 2, since there is yet to be any problems. I also agree that it's a pain to switch over, and I only have a few machines, LOL...
Robert Dewey

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