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Chris, et al,

     I don't know about the source and production of the faxes, but I've been 
downloading from NWS.  Their networking is not real great. But the downloads 
are programmed for several hour delay, hopefully when traffic is not real bad.

It is possible to inject some of the faxes into the IDD. I'm sure that the NWS would prefer this, since it would hold traffic down at their site. With Alden gone, no-ones toes will get stepped on either. I do not know the legalisms, proprietor regulations, etc, but I assume the NWS data is public. Of course, there are the powers-that-be here at Cornell (with purse strings.)

At 11:07 AM 9/26/00 -0400, you wrote:
Well, it's obvious that what Alden CEO Doyle relayed to me earlier this month 
was a bunch of hooey.  The fact that he, nor anyone else in management, never 
personally communicated to this forum pretty much says it all.

Our short term solution is to download preprocessed DIFAX maps in GIF, TIFF, or Postcript format from one of several sites, but how are these sites obtaining the source data? Unisys Ku-band? What about an LDM solution similar to all the other products? Is there a restriction that doesn't allow this data to be added to the IDD feed in g3 or other format? I know Dan V. was looking into a possible LDM solution via Unisys, but what hurdles would have to be jumped to just get this onto the standard feed, just like HDS, IDS|DDPLUS, and the others?

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