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Well, it's obvious that what Alden CEO Doyle relayed to me earlier this month 
was a bunch of hooey.  The fact that he, nor anyone else in management, never 
personally communicated to this forum pretty much says it all.

Our short term solution is to download preprocessed DIFAX maps in GIF, TIFF, or Postcript format from one of several sites, but how are these sites obtaining the source data? Unisys Ku-band? What about an LDM solution similar to all the other products? Is there a restriction that doesn't allow this data to be added to the IDD feed in g3 or other format? I know Dan V. was looking into a possible LDM solution via Unisys, but what hurdles would have to be jumped to just get this onto the standard feed, just like HDS, IDS|DDPLUS, and the others?


On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:

Thanks to an iffy modem connection here, that got sent out without any proofreading. 
Well, it wasn't that bad. But "Sheriff" is how it is correctly spelled. Also, I 
didn't tack on the following...

If Unidata is willing to drop the Alden contract (actually, it may be the other 
way around now!), I would be willing to pay for DiFAX, coming through the LDM, 
from Unisys.

You know, I gotta say this. No offense to anyone, but DiFAX simply has the 
clearest, most readable upper air maps I've ever used. I'm a WXP junkie, and 
IMO WXP blows most everything else out of the water...except for this.  And 
Gempak, AWIPS, Digital Atmosphere...they're good, but not great for plotting 
upper air analysis maps. Maybe it's the satellite winds or the ACARS data. I 
dunno. I just know I want them until they sadly die away.

I will save my rant against a completely paperless office for another day. But 
although I have stopped printing out most maps from DiFAX, the analysis maps 
get read by me every weekday. And printed out.

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