Re: Alden update...

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A question relative to the Unisys DIFAX charts and the PNG format:

Is this the product format you get over the Ku-band?

The DIFAX maps we get from Unisys are PCX format.  The PNG format charts Dan 
Vietor is/was experimenting with may be the next phase of Unisys DIFAX.  He 
gave me some (as digital files) to look at.  They are sweet.

I get my Unisys DIFAX charts by ftp'ing to Unisys once an hour (via cron), 24 
times a day.  Not a very elegant system.  SIO gets no weather data via 
satellite anymore.  We were a Zephyr/Alden C-band customer at one time.  We 
went from there directly to the IDD.

Where we'll go after we stop doing business with Unisys, I don't know.


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