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My personal thoughts:

Gilbert Sebenste <sebenste@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If Unidata is willing to drop the Alden contract (actually, it may be the other 
way around now!), I would be willing to pay for DiFAX, coming through the LDM, 
from Unisys.

Unidata does not have a contract with Alden to provide DIFAX via LDM, each 
individual site has their own contract.  Please re-read Dave Fulker's note of 
August 28 which explains this and Unidata position on the future of DIFAX.

Also, for DIFAX related issues, difax@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is perhaps a better 
forum. ldm-users is intended for discussing LDM specific issues, such as 
problems with the program or (unfortunately, IMHO) IDD data problems. There is 
only a very small subset of the entire ldm-users list that depends on Alden for 
data, DIFAX or otherwise. There are other users on that list that use LDM, but 
who do not even participate in the IDD - NWS, private companies, etc. I 
appreciate you trying to keep other Alden customers informed, but using 
ldm-users to distribute this information may give the impression that the 
successful operation of the IDD is still dependent on Alden's participation, 
which it is not.

It may be moot at this point, but I'm sure Unidata would be willing to set up 
an alden-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx list for discussion of Alden related problems.

Again, these are my personal thoughts.


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