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On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Robert Mullenax wrote:

Okay, here is my point.  Alden is supposed be a provider of data for  operational  
use.  How can a provider for such purposes have a 2 week outage?  We had a  T1 go 
down at our site in New Mexico a few years back and it only took > a week to be 
repaired and this is in the very rural area of eastern New Mexico  AND we told 
them it was not a rush job.

The main thing though is the lack of response. I know customer service is becoming a thing of the past, but not responding to your customers regarding a 2-week outage is ridiculous.

I agree. Here's some more information and a clarification. For you long-time 
UNIDATA folks, Alden sends the data through a T1 line from their Billerica, MA 
home to an uplink site in Monee, IL south of Chicago. Old-timers (I'm gonna get 
it here! ;-) ) remember how the old McIDAS feed was sent out at 9600 baud 
through that. In any case, that cable got cut off. MCI is working on it, Alden 
says, but MCI might have leased the line to Ameritech, which is complicating 
things. And there's a problem somewhere in there somewhere. Not that it affects 
me, but they don't yet know where the T1 problem really is yet, though they 
hope to have that pinned down this afternoon.

So why are the Internet data feeds up? Simple. It's not the T1 to Washington 
DC/NCEP where they get the data. It's the T1 from Massachusetts to northeastern 
Illinois to *uplink* the data to the dish. In house, their data feeds are fine 
at Alden. So, they are getting the data...but the only way they can send it out 
is via the IDD.

That having been said, lightning and are having problems 
independent of all of this, which is why DiFAX has been dying. But today it is 
dead because the NWS is having major networking problems. The NWS says they may 
not be back up until tonight.

For what it is worth...

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