Re: Alden Ku band Difax down?

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On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Arthur A. Person wrote:

We get Difax via Ku band receiver from Alden...  given the recent history  of 
Difax from them, I thought I'd check here first to confirm whether  anyone else 
is having trouble getting charts.  Our Ku band feed appears to  have stopped 
last night around 04:30Z.  It looks like it started spitting  a little this 
morning around 15:30Z, but probably not with data as it's  been stuck on chart 
089 the whole time.


We get DIFAX via IDD and the last regular transmission was received at 
0726/0425Z, except for a single product at 0621Z.  Nothing since then.  I 
believe neither the 'lightning' or 'thunder' Alden servers are sending anything.

Also, does anyone know a date when the NWS plans to quit  
producing/transmitting Difax?  This whole thing seems to be a mystery.

I believe yesterday's message from Jeff Weber said 'eventually'.  It would be 
nice to have a firm date.

Tom McDermott                           Email: tmcderm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
System Administrator                    Phone: (716) 395-5718
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SUNY College at Brockport

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