Alden Ku band Difax down?

NOTE: The difax mailing list is no longer active. The list archives are made available for historical reasons.


We get Difax via Ku band receiver from Alden...  given the recent history of 
Difax from them, I thought I'd check here first to confirm whether anyone else 
is having trouble getting charts.  Our Ku band feed appears to have stopped 
last night around 04:30Z.  It looks like it started spitting a little this 
morning around 15:30Z, but probably not with data as it's been stuck on chart 
089 the whole time.

Also, does anyone know a date when the NWS plans to quit producing/transmitting Difax? This whole thing seems to be a mystery.
Arthur A. Person
Research Assistant, System Administrator
Penn State Department of Meteorology
email:  person@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, phone:  814-863-1563

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