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Hi Jim,

Sorry about this delayed response.  I was on vacation last week.

--On Mon, Apr 3, 2000 11:30 AM -0500 "James T. Moore" <moore@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I just caught the traffic concerning the demise of the difax charts.  Here, we 
were planning to coordinate with Mike Morgan on obtaining some of  his script 
for GEMPAK (as a temp-plate) and then writing up some of our  own so we can 
send GEMPAK charts to a laserprinter.  I am like Rich  Clark...I must have some 
paper maps printed up each day.

The NWS has assured us that they would provide a 6-month notification, prior to cessation 
of the difax service.  Redbook Graphics and gridded products will be on the NWS 
Telecommunications Gateway channel (NOAAPort Channel 3) to replace the current difax 
service.  NCEP is the "driver" of this service change.  Until the NWS 
operations receives word that NCEP is ready to make the change, difax will continue.

If anything develops about this DIFAX situation and its replacement I would 
appreciate hearing from you.  Are Ben and Mike working out something  to 
replace the maps..or just coordinating the distribution of his GEMPAK  scripts?

During the discussion at the Users Committee meeting, Ben and Mike were asked to work together on the most efficient method of handling this. If you have opinions, please feel free to let Ben and Mike know what method would work best for you.
Thanks for your note, Jim.


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