Re: Duplicate DIFAX charts

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Gilbert L. Sebenste writes:

On Thu, 23 Jan 1997, David J. Knight wrote:

 Hi all,

For the last several days we have been occasionally receiving 2-3 copies of 
some of the DIFAX charts via IDD. I know that some retransmission is normal, 
but, we seem to be getting duplicates of about 1/4 of the charts we print.

Is anybody else having this problem? Any idea if this is a Local problem, or 
perhaps a problem at Alden or NCEP.


Hi David,

Up here at work, we get DiFAX via another data vendor. Same thing. The repeats 
are partly due to technical difficulties that NMC has been having all week.

We've seen the same here at UIUC... duplicate some of the charts seem to be 
incomplete (only a portion of the chart transmitted) and in the wrong slot (under wrong 
"D" number or Alden 2XXX number)

David Wojtowicz, Systems Manager
Department of Atmospheric Sciences Computer Services
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
email: davidw@xxxxxxxx  phone: (217)333-8390

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