Re: pblplus and Solaris 2.3

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On Oct 2,  8:25am, Eric Pani wrote:
We are about to migrate away from satellite reception of difax and over to the 
idd completely.  Having looked at the Unidata home page and noted the solutions 
for printing difax charts.  So I went out and picked up the pbmplus utilities 
and am trying to build them on our system (a SPARC20 running Solaris 2.3) using 
Suns C compiler.  I've hit two snags and am wondering if anyone out there can 
provide some guidance:

1.  I initially got an error in compilation when strings.h could not be found.  
Searching around our system, I found the file in 
/usr/apps/SUNWspro/SC3.0.1/include/CC but suspect that it is for C++ instead of 
C.  Is this true?

The strings.h that you MIGHT want is in /usr/ucbinclude/strings.h.  There is 
(as usual) a catch.  That should only be used the the ucb compiler and MAY 
result in some undefined actions on Solaris.  If you have /opt/SUNWspro/bin 
AFTER /usr/ucb then the cc compiler you are executing is the old BSD compiler 
and, when compiling the pbmplus.h, it will pick up the #define BSD instead of 
#define SYSV or #define SVR4 which are defined by the /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc 
compiler.  This will result in trying to include strings.h instead of 
string.h...and all sorts of interesting things happen after that.

You also want to have /usr/ccs/bin in your path if you want the older version of "make" 
to run - if you want the SYSV version then alias make to /usr/ccs/lib/svr4.make.  My experience, so 
far, is that this is rarely a critical issue unless someone uses a lot of vendor specific make 
"features" but I include it for completeness.

My suggestions are:

1)  move /opt/SUNWspro/bin up toward the front of your path
2)  rm that include file you moved from /usr/apps into the netpbm source tree

Hope that helps.


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