Re: Alden DIFAX service

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On Mon, 18 Sep 1995, Unidata Support wrote:


We have been using UNISYS Difax charts via FTP for the past year.  Their 
service is slow, and they often mis charts, or charts are late.  How has the 
experience been with Alden's DIFAX via IDD?  Have you seen any of these 

We don't use it operationally here, so I can't give you any input on the UPC 
experience.  We haven't really seen much traffic on the DIFAX service (good or 
bad), so if there are problems, I'm assuming people are contacting Alden 
directly.  I'm cc'ing this to difax@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to get some input from 
those using the service.  Anyone want to share their thoughts on this subject?

We've used the DIFAX service from Alden, and it generally works well. It still 
crashes occasionally on weekends for a 1/2 day, but they've pretty much gotten 
that ironed out. As for the quality--excellent, and always on time.


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