Re: Configuring LDM and using pbm

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On Wed, 22 Mar 1995, Rob Cermak wrote:
Couple of questions.   We currently receive DIFAX via satellite, do we have to 
make any other special arrangements to obtain DIFAX via IDD (other than LDM 

DIFAX is available via the IDD from Alden by subscription only.  There is a 
monthly fee for it.  You need to contact Edie Arbetter (eda@xxxxxxxxx) to 
arrange for it.

netpbm compiled right out of the box using gcc-2.5.8.  With this package 
installed at this point I'm figureing I need to add a line in pqact.conf to 
save the difax files and then once I'm able to move the files to the machine 
with netpbm is there a script or method to print these out on a HP4 (using 

There are netpbm utilities to convert the group3 fax files that the DIFAX is 
sent as to PBM files.  From there you can convert directly to PostScript.

Mitchell S. Baltuch                        Unidata Program Center
Software Engineer                          Univ. Corp for Atmospheric Research
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