Re: Difax on IDD

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Bill Noon <NOON@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ok -- I have seen several references to people getting difax over idd but I 
didn't see an official announcement that the service has started.  Looking at 
the idd web pages and the difax mail list, there is nothing.

Is it running?  We are currently getting difax over ku but I really want to 
retire the okidata (I am out of spare parts and the printer is squeeking again)

I e-mailed Edie Arbetter on Dec 7th and haven't heard a word since.  I assumed 
that the technicial details were just slow in being resolved.

What's the word?

- --Bill Noon

hi bill,

difax is indeed being shipped direct from alden to sites who have contracted 
for it.  edie is the person you need to talk to. try calling her at 
508-366-8851.  if you don't get a response, email bill highlands 
(whh@xxxxxxxxx) who, i suspect, will light a fire under her.

Mitchell S. Baltuch                        Unidata Program Center
Software Engineer                          Univ. Corp for Atmospheric Research
mitch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                     WWW:

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