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From: LEUTHOLD@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Mike Leuthold, University of Arizona)


Add me to the mailing list for DIFAX.


My solution to this problem is to ftp the products from Unisys's ftp server and 
use a graphics utility to convert to Postscript.  This file will then be 
printed to a 11x17 printer.  This software effort has begun but Unisys's .pcx 
format files seem to be incompatable with the pbmplus pcx conversion program.

This has been reported and fixed by others:

Contact Harry Edmon: harry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

or Don Schleede at SUNY Brockport: don@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From: Don Schleede <don@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


By the way, I just saw Dave Fulkers Message about Difax. Since we are getting Difax 
already on the internet, I wrote a program that takes PCX files,a nd converts them 
to the same format for the d100 printer. So our maps are printed on the d100. 
However, the d100 is connected to a unix machine."

Xv does read these files however.  Do you know of anyone else using Unisys's 
DIFAX products?  Thanks

Please see above.

Tom Yoksas
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