Re: 19990827: ldmConnect write error

On Fri, 27 Aug 1999, Unidata Support wrote:

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>From: Chris Hennon <chennon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: ldmConnect write error
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>Keywords: 199908271605.KAA27500


Whenever a zone forecast text product comes in, these messages are logged
in my ldmd.log file:

Aug 27 04:15:55 shear pqact[1915]: pbuf_flush (6) write: Broken pipe
Aug 27 04:15:55 shear pqact[1915]: pipe_dbufput:
/usr/local/ldm/decoders/ldmConnect-e.zone9908data/nwx/pubprod/zone write

and no data is written.  The data/nwx/pubprod/zone exists and is writable.
The ldmConnect script is in place.  I ran ldmConnect from the command line
and it seemed to work with no problem.  All other products are being
stored normally.


When you ran from the command line, you used user LDM and from ldm home.
Just checking for sanity sake.

 My pqact.conf entry looks like this:

WMO     ^FPUS5[1-6] .... ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])
PIPE /usr/local/ldm/decoders/ldmConnect -e .zone (\1:yy)(\1:mm) data/nwx/pubprod/zone

Here's an entry from our LDM, the entry is only on two lines, try putting
the ldmConnect parmeters on one line.  Try changing the dir
data/nwx/pubprod/zone to another dir or just a .   The syntax is correct
so it has something to do with the directory part.

# Zone Forecasts (FPUS5[1-6], FPCA52, etc.)
WMO     ^...... .... ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9]).*/pZFP
       PIPE    /usr/local/ldm/decoders/ldmConnect -e .zone (\1:yy)(\1:mm)


The path to the perl executable in the ldmConnect is correct and matches
the path found in the working ldmadmin script.  I'm on a SunOS 5.7 with a
100 MB queue size specified in the ldmadmin script.  Thanks for any ideas.

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