Re: 19990707: cdl file for 6-hr synoptic reports


I derived the synoptic decoder from the official manual (nws manual 306).
I'm not saying there isn't an error, but I'll recheck.  Also, the decoders
was written almost 3 years ago, the manual might have changed.  I'll let
you know what I find out.


On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, Unidata Support wrote:

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>Subject: cdl file for 6-hr synoptic reports
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We downloaded a copy of a netcdf cdl file from the Unidata web
page.  Looking over it, it appears that wind speed and direction
are missing.  There are fields for the "Highest mean wind speed",
"Buoy/Ship Speed", and "Buoy/SHip Direction", but apparently no
provision for wind speed and direction.  Is it possible that the
ship direction/speed is misnamed for the wind direction and speed?

We are decoding synoptics into netcdf files using the Unidata
decoder and are decifering the output now.  Insight appreciated.

Peter Neilley, NCAR/RAP

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