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Subject: 19990411: decoders

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Re: Decoders for CREX bulletins

Dear Unidata Personnel,

Does UNIDATA supply decoders to decode NOAA/National Ocean Service
near-real-time water level and meteorological observations
which are written in Character form for the Representation and EX Change
of data (CREX) format?

If not, you may be interested in developing such decoders since CREX
bulletins are available via FOS.
(see http://www.arl.noaa.gov/ready-bin/getchbay.pl?product=wave_guidance
for recent bulletins
for today).  I would think your university customers would be interested
in getting more observations.

If you need documentation describing the CREX format let me know....I
can get you a copy.

John Kelley

p.s. Are your decoders written in Perl? If not, want language do you

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