Re: grid_number in netCDF file

On Mon, 5 Apr 1999, Tom Whittaker wrote:

Hi Robb:

Don suggested I send this along to you.

He had kindly sent me a netCDF file with ruc2 data in it so I
could test an application I'm writing.  When I opened the file,
my code failed when trying to reference the "grid_number".  What
I found was the file defined:

 int grid_number(nav, ngrids) ;
   grid_number:long_name = "GRIB-1 catalogued grid numbers" ;
   grid_number:_FillValue = -9999 ;

where "ngrids" dimension is two.  What's strange is that 'ngrids'
doesn't seem to appear anywhere else in the CDL.


ngrids is a dimension only, the grid_number should be at the bottom of the
cdl file:

grid_number = 236, 255 ;

I  attached  ruc2.cdl in case your copy was somehow corrupted.  I used
ncdump on a file today and located grid_number ok, maybe the file
Don sent was corrupted.  This happens once in a while when there is no
disk space to write the file.  These files are large:
48478444 Apr  5 12:42


I wondered what the story was with this, and what I needed to be
prepared for in my almost looks like two
different grid formats/types might appear in one netCDF file?  Or
am I missing something else?

Words of wisdom appreciated...thanks...


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