Re: 19990303: RUC cdl


Thanks for the note about Z_sfc mistake.  It's been corrected and it's
available on the ftp decoders space.


On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Don Murray wrote:

Got this from Tom W.  Can you look into this.

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You may not be the right person, but I've noticed an error in the
schema of the ruc netcdf file you sent me:  the dimensions for terrain
are wrong:

      float Z_sfc(record, y, x) ;
              Z_sfc:long_name = "terrain" ;
              Z_sfc:units = "gp m" ;
              Z_sfc:_FillValue = -9999.0 ;
              Z_sfc:navigation = "nav" ;

I say "wrong" because I don't think terrain is a function of forecast
hour....either that, or the RUC is _quite_ the model...



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