Re: radar LDM test, meeting

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Hi Keith,

  That about covers what I have in my notes/memory.  Please correct
  any misinterpretations, falsehoods, omissions, etc.

Thanks for the excellent summary.  I have a few corrections and

First, Harry spells his last name "Edmon".

I saw no mention of "open RPG" and what it means for longer term plans
as well as what people are willing to commit in the short term for
something open RPG will eventually replace.  I think Mark Benner (sp?)
estimated open RPG would not be available until at least 2000, so that's
a good reason to omit it from short term plans, but it may be important
over the longer term, when RIDDS will go away and be replaced by open

At one time, someone said this project needs 4 or 5 RIDDS boxes, but
Harry's PC architecture doesn't need RIDDS.  Is the plan to not require
RIDDS boxes (which are a limiting resource) and rely on the PC
architecture or to try to get the RIDDS boxes for the short term and use
the same architecture as is currently being tested?  Your notes on
multiple identical IP addresses for the RIDDS boxes made me confused
about this, since I assumed the PC/Linux LDMs would not use RIDDS.

It might be worth mentioning that the schedule for SAMEX is driving
things, since that is starting in April or May 1999 and will require
the system to be getting data from 4 radars that now have RIDDS.  My
notes are unclear on whether the plan was to install RIDDS boxes in 4
more radars for SAMEX or rely on the RIDDS-less Linux system.

There was some discussion about whether a fractional T1 would be
adequate instead of a full T1 from each radar site to the LDM site, to
save costs.  My recollection is that a fractional T1 had sufficient
bandwidth, but I don't think we concluded what fraction of a T1 would be
adequate (it seems to me 1/4 of a T1 would be enough).


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