Re: [conduit] Large CONDUIT latencies to UW-Madison starting the last day or two.

  • To: "'Carissa Klemmer - NOAA Federal'" <carissa.l.klemmer@xxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [conduit] Large CONDUIT latencies to UW-Madison starting the last day or two.
  • From: "Patrick L. Francis" <wxprofessor@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2016 08:52:25 -0500


Something bigger than just CONDUIT users occurred on the 19th. We had numerous 
users of other servers complain of similar drops in transfer rates. A few of 
them were also able to move downloads to a new location where speeds were 
normal. We believe that this issue was outside of NCEP due to that reasoning. 
Having said that though, is anyone still seeing abnormal rates? 



Hi Carissa :)


>From our Amazon location in VA, everything is fine as it was on Friday… From 
>our colo facility, packet loss is still shown via, which is the 
>hop from gigapop to ncep.. here is an MTR showing the packet loss:


Notice that since our colo is directly on the Hurricane Electric backbone, 
there are only a few hops to get to the ncep server, and pings only jump once 
they reach gigapop.


Here is a screen cap of current download speeds for 0.25deg gfs from the ncep 
server to our colo:


In order to ensure proper delivery, we have setup a push / pull from our amazon 
box to the colo, but most people probably won’t have that flexibility.. The 
issue appears to potentially be related to packetfiltering and / or redirection 
/ funneling via certain routes, but that’s just a guess :)


Happy Monday :)










Patrick L. Francis

Vice President of Research & Development


Aeris Weather








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