Re: [conduit] [CONDUIT #DYD-390666]: 20081022: follow-up to Unidata User's Committee CONDU IT survey

P.S.  Sorry, I forgot to mention that we also make extensive use of
the 80-km NAM 104 grids (due to their full-domain coverage).

On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 07:17:58AM -0700, David Ovens wrote:
CONDUIT users,

First off, let me say that the CONDUIT feed has been very valuable to
us and we really appreciate it!

We don't use the 40-km NAM 212 grid since it chops off too close to
our western boundary.  We use the high-resolution GFS grids (.5 and
1.0 degree) and for the NAM, the 40-km 221 grids (awip3200, 25
MB/file) which we have to FTP from NCEP already.  I don't foresee
using the RTMA in the near future, but someone in our department may
wish to, especially if it is a replacement for the RUC.  Ditto for the
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