Re: [cf-satellite] very rough draft of way to represent band

On 7/26/2011 12:26 PM, Tom Rink wrote:

On 7/26/11 1:07 PM, Upendra Dadi wrote:
Could you please clarify how to represent data which contain bands with multiple spatial resolutions using you scheme? I am thinking of MODIS data: As you can see, not all the bands have same spatial resolution (or spatial dimensions), even though all of them have same units. Could we even store all the bands in the same variable?

I think multiple resolutions in same variable would be difficult and impracticable, the CF conventions for defining Projections, analytic or lat/lon, don't work like this. You'd probably have to define another dimension to index the different resolutions for the data, lon and lat variables. I would think this would be
pretty messy.


Correct, you need seperate variables for different resolutions. However, theres no problem with having multiple coordinate systems in the same file. So if you chose, you would create multiple groups of variables, each group with their own coordinates.

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