Re: [cf-satellite] very rough draft of way to represent band

On 7/26/2011 9:57 AM, Edward.King@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Jim, Tom,

Great discussion.  I have been particularly struck by the need, pointed out by 
Tom, for a handle (name) for application developers to grasp hold of, like 
'band', or 'index' in Jim's example, that triggers an exploration of a series 
of other variables that describe parameters of each band.

It is fairly clear that there are examples where what appears to be the natural 
'band' coordinate does not easily record distinct physical values (e.g. a 
multiband instrument with bands of different widths but the same centre, or 
just multiple polarisations). But even worse you may find sensor data counts 
and some form of per-pixel qc in adjacent bands in the same variable, so the 
band axis doesn't even have a homogeneous physical meaning. In that case 
heading for something very generic, without physical units or interpretation, 
seems like an idea that will be hard to break.

You couldnt put disparate quantites like that into the same variable and be CF compliant.

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