Re: [cf-pointobsconvention] Draft 2

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Hi John:

It doesnt make sense to me to encode point data in WKT or WKB inside of netcdf. Any netcdf client should be able to read files and have the data make sense within the netcdf data model, without needing to refer to another encoding spec. It does make sense to make sure that the encodings can be easily transformed to each other, and possibly provide a netcdf/pointObs <-> WKB/WKT transformation as part of the CDM software, so that one could exchange data with databases and other libraries that speak WKB/WKT. Would that meet your needs?

John Cartwright wrote:
Thanks for your prompt reply John. I was thinking that keeping an individual geometry as an "atomic" unit would simplify life. The structure of a WKB blob is pretty simple and I don't think would require an external library, but using WKB for storage is really just an optimization. If the binary storage is a concern, the corresponding "Well Known Text" format is an String representation of the same geometry model.

e.g.   "POINT (10 10)",  "LINESTRING (10 10 , 20 20, 30 40 )"

-- john

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