Re: [cf-pointobsconvention] Draft 2

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Thanks for your prompt reply John. I was thinking that keeping an individual geometry as an "atomic" unit would simplify life. The structure of a WKB blob is pretty simple and I don't think would require an external library, but using WKB for storage is really just an optimization. If the binary storage is a concern, the corresponding "Well Known Text" format is an String representation of the same geometry model.

e.g.   "POINT (10 10)",  "LINESTRING (10 10 , 20 20, 30 40 )"

-- john

John Caron wrote:
Hi John:

It sounds like a good idea to add support for the "OGC's Well-Known Binary format" into the CDM by writing an IOSP. That probably should be seperate from this proposal, which focuses on a netcdf encoding that doesnt require further libraries to understand.

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