Re: [bufrtables] BUFR and GRIB2 table information in relational DB?


Another aspect, besides keeping track of versions, and supplying various APIs, 
is that of an audit trail to a registry. XML type technologies need to validate 
models, structures and codelists. I am keen that WMO offers some kind of 
registry service (though this could be from a database) to support web services 
with URIs etc. Copies could be cached locally to imporve performance.

Gil Ross is preparing a paper on the various approaches. I think this 
correspondance betwseen you, enrico, José and Eizi is very relevant.

Best wishes, Chris

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Subject: Re: [bufrtables] BUFR and GRIB2 table information in relational DB?

Hi Jeff,
My colleague did some work regarding BUFR tables, inserting them on a MySQL 
data base. This was done some years ago. We stopped that because we started 
using other encoders and decoders. WE thought that time a data base would be a 
good way to deal with all those tables. I did some work converting all thos doc 
tables provided by WMO into a excel ones and my friend imported all of then 
into the data base. Of coarse, it is very out of date now.
I did not worked with GRIB tables that time.

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Subject: BUFR and GRIB2 table information in relational DB?

> Hi Everyone,
> This is more of a general survey question.  Here at NCEP, we currently 
> have our BUFR and GRIB2 master table information scattered across a 
> bunch of ASCII tables, web pages and system files.  We're thinking 
> about designing and implementing a relational database to store all of 
> this information in one place, and then developing methods to allow 
> the information to be easily exported from the database into the 
> specific formats we need for all of our APIs and other operational 
> tasks.  We believe the BUFR and GRIB2 tables lend themselves well to 
> relational database design (especially when multiple versions of 
> tables including local entries need to be stored), and having one 
> master repository would alleviate problems we're currently having 
> keeping information synchronized across multiple system files and documents.
> My question is, has anyone out there ever done or thought about doing 
> this type of thing?  If so, we'd be interested to correspond with you 
> about your experiences, issues encountered, best practices, etc. and 
> explore any possible avenues for collaboration.  It's hard for us to 
> believe that nobody else has ever thought of this before, so if at all 
> possible we'd like to benefit from any existing experience in the 
> community and avoid re-inventing the proverbial wheel.
> Please let me know if you have any thoughts or experience in this area 
> that you'd be willing to share.  Either way, thanks for your time and 
> consideration!
> With best regards,
> -Jeff

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