Re: [bufrtables] BUFR and GRIB2 table information in relational DB?

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Hi Jeff,
My colleague did some work regarding BUFR tables, inserting them on a MySQL data base. This was done some years ago. We stopped that because we started using other encoders and decoders. WE thought that time a data base would be a good way to deal with all those tables. I did some work converting all thos doc tables provided by WMO into a excel ones and my friend imported all of then into the data base. Of coarse, it is very out of date now.
I did not worked with GRIB tables that time.

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Subject: BUFR and GRIB2 table information in relational DB?

Hi Everyone,

This is more of a general survey question.  Here at NCEP, we currently
have our BUFR and GRIB2 master table information scattered across a
bunch of ASCII tables, web pages and system files.  We're thinking about
designing and implementing a relational database to store all of this
information in one place, and then developing methods to allow the
information to be easily exported from the database into the specific
formats we need for all of our APIs and other operational tasks.  We
believe the BUFR and GRIB2 tables lend themselves well to relational
database design (especially when multiple versions of tables including
local entries need to be stored), and having one master repository would
alleviate problems we're currently having keeping information
synchronized across multiple system files and documents.

My question is, has anyone out there ever done or thought about doing
this type of thing?  If so, we'd be interested to correspond with you
about your experiences, issues encountered, best practices, etc. and
explore any possible avenues for collaboration.  It's hard for us to
believe that nobody else has ever thought of this before, so if at all
possible we'd like to benefit from any existing experience in the
community and avoid re-inventing the proverbial wheel.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or experience in this area
that you'd be willing to share.  Either way, thanks for your time and

With best regards,

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