Community Services Status Report

October 2007-April 2008

Work referenced in this report is based on advocacy, community outreach, and identifying new data sources and distribution trends within the community, associated with "Endeavor 1: Responding to a broader and more diverse community" and "Endeavor 2: Comprehensive Support Services, [Data services, systems, and tools]" from the Unidata 2008 Proposal. There is overlap of external activities in the areas of "Real-time, self-managing data flows" (Endeavor 3), Endeavor 4: Software to analyze and visualize geoscience data", along with "Distributed, organized collections of digital material" (Endeavor 5), and "Improved data access infrastructure" (Endeavor 6).

Note: This report combines the activities of Jo Hansen, Linda Miller, and Jeff Weber

Community Outreach and Service

Data Access and Distribution

  • COSMIC (Radio Occultation Data Opportunity) was announced in February, 2008, to the .edu community.
  • Discussion of access to USPLN data will take place at Users Committee meeting, 10-11 April 2008.
  • Working with CUAHSI group and the USGS to access stream gauge data and make available in near real time via the LDM/IDD
  • Working with GALEON team and others to access EPA air quality data and make available in near real time via the LDM/IDD


  • Performed wizardly acts of science for Super Science Saturday at the NCAR Mesa Lab
  • Working with the Arctic Observation Network during the International Polar Year(s) and facilitating data exchange, format conversion, and visualization. This is Unidata's role in the CADIS project.