26 October 2011
New Governing Committee Members Orientation

Room 2205 Anthes Building*

Boulder, Colorado

(*Note: This is a secure building. Ginger Emery or Tina Campbell from Unidata will be at the door to let you in. Please call 303.915.0815, if we miss you. There is a phone on the outside of the building at the main entrance.)

8:00 Continental breakfast

8:30 Brief overview and Welcome - Mohan Ramamurthy and Tom Whittaker

8:45 Staff introductions

10:00 Break

10:15 Committee comments (How do you use Unidata tools, data, software?)

11:00 Tour and informal discussion

11:30 Adjourn


Committee Members attending orientation:

  • Dave Dempsey, San Francisco State University (Policy Committee)
  • Bill Gallus, Iowa State University (Policy Committee)
  • Marty Baxter, Central Michigan University (Users Committee)
  • Jennifer Collins, University of South Florida (Users Committee)
  • Gerry Creager Texas A&M University (Users Committee)
  • Bart Geerts, University of Wyoming (Users Committee)
  • Tom Whittaker, University of Wisconsin-Space Science & Engineering Center (Users Committee, Chair)

Questions or comments?
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Community Services, Unidata
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Boulder, CO 80307-3000
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