Re: Coordinate mapping conventions...

Steve Emmerson (
Thu, 22 Oct 92 12:52:03 -0600

>Date: Thu, 22 Oct 92 09:47:44 -0700 
>From: Joe Sirott <>
>Subject: Re: Coordinate mapping conventions... 

In the above message, Joe Sirott wrote:

>It seems to me that support for components and data to coordinate mapping 
>can be solved by adding a small extension to the netCDF language. Why not
>add support for something analogous to C structures. For instance, we might
>have the following definition:
>	float u(lat,lon,depth);
>	float v(lat,lon,depth);
>	float w(lat,lon,depth);
>	struct velocity { u,v,w };

When performing I/O, would the above structure be dimensioned
[lat,lon,depth,3] or [3,lat,lon,depth]?

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