NUWG NetCDF Conventions Information

What is the NUWG?

The netCDF Users Working Group (NUWG) was formed in September of 1992 by interested parties from COMET, Unidata, and FSL (NOAA Forecast Systems Lab). Its purpose is to develop conventions for representing atmospheric science data and members are drawn from various organizations based on their expertise with specific data sets. NUWG conventions identify the minimum set of variables and attributes required to exchange and access common data sets. The group meets irregularly and works to define conventions for major categories of data such as surface observations and grids and also standard representations for information such as station identification and time. Results of the meetings are distributed on the mail list and conventions are maintained here and in the Unidata pub/netcdf/Conventions/NUWG directory. Interested parties may join the mailing list by sending a request to with an empty subject and the message "subscribe nuwg".

When is the next meeting?

The next meeting will be at (time and date yet to be determined) in the conference room at the Unidata Program Center. (3300 Mitchell Lane, Boulder CO, click here for directions).

Topics for discussion:

When was the last meeting?

(Summaries of some of our recentt meetings are available.)

The most recent meeting was 30 August 1995. Topics discussed included:

Current Status

Who are Susan Jesuroga and Peggy Bruehl?

Susan Jesuroga ( of UCAR/COMET is our NUWG scribe. She summarizes and records what occurs at each meeting. She is the author of most of the conventions documents on this page. Peggy Bruehl ( of the National Weather Service, prepared this page.

Prepared by Peggy Bruehl
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