Current Status of LDM/IDD/NOAAport

by Robb Kambic

The LDM had some coding changes to make it officially compliant with the Linux OS. Because of multiple sources of Linux, the changes have been limited to Red-Hat and Debian versions. The official UPC policy is to support the Red-Hat versions but the LDM will run on almost any Linux version but the user will lose some functionality such as the default LDM logging. Another issue for not using well known Linux versions is that UPC does not have all Linux versions running at UPC, so support is limited. Also the LDM had modifications to the AFOS feed code that is used by NWS sites. The majority of support has been Linux questions. A new Linux release ldm-5.0.8 was created but not announced because of expected NOAAport changes.

The general opinions about the IDD are good. There have not been any major problems and the reliability is good because the three top source sites are feeding each other NOAAport. Most of the support has been re-arrangement of sites to get better data reception. The poorest reliability area is still in the NorthEast.

NOAAport still generates some support questions regarding the size of the LDM queue, which should be 65 megabytes to accommodate the filtered down feed and 100 megabytes for the full feed with extra models and products. The LDM has not been modified to create NOAAport feed types because the UPC is still waiting on pc-board software to be used with the NOAAport ingestion machine.

As a side note, Robb is now supplying support for three operational machines:

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